Sum shining through trees with a disabled parking sign

The Mobility Parking Scheme provides special parking conditions to eligible people with a disability. One of the key features of the Scheme is the Australian Disability Parking Permit, which will initially replace over 100 different types of permits across Australia. This will make travelling interstate with a Disability Parking Permit much easier. This information is relevant for NSW.

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Japan is remarkable in the way it marries the contradictions of modern cutting edge technology and historical cultural significance together. Distinct natural beauty, sites of ancient significance and modernity exist side by side. Take, for example, the tranquillity and peace of zen rock gardens in Kyoto against the busyness

The back of 5 kids with backpacks on jumping as they walk down the path

There are a wealth of opportunities available for Children with Disability to participate in School Holiday activities. 

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Most children have fond memories of a school or another camp. Not to mention life lessons, tall tales, mischief, and dirty clothes. It is an experience of a lifetime. Edmund Rice Camps and the Sony Foundation Camp Program are just two of the types of camps available to children with a disability.

In a park, one person pushing another person in a wheelchair

Dawn* was convinced there were people coming to steal her belongings, so after dinner when her husband Bill* was settled in the lounge room dozing in front of the television, she made her move.

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Most Australians prefer to die at home but few adequately plan for it. Consequently, just one in seven dies at home. Some say they will make plans “when the need arises”. But what if you have a heart attack, go into a coma, have a stroke, or develop dementia before having shared your thoughts?

Elderly woman on phone call and holding credit card

According to the Salvation Army’s financial counselling service, people aged 55 and over are requesting assistance and advice when they experience difficulties with their finances. Credit card debt is a major problem with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) noting that nearly 2 million Australians are affected.

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Old Dubbo Gaol, a tourist attraction located in Macquarie Street, Dubbo, in Central NSW has begun doing Sensory-Friendly Sunday. It is each Sunday from 8 am – 9 am. 

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 The stress of navigating your way through a busy airport can be hard for some people, so to have a system that lets the airport staff know you may need support or assistance can be a relief.

Young man fishing from the front of the boat in a inland river

Thinking Outside the Box for Rural NDIS Supports. I am just back from 3 days attending AGQuip in Gunnedah. What an awesome rural event! We were lucky enough to be invited to share a site with The Land newspaper, and had some valuable conversations with country folk with lived experience of disability.