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In an Update on Coronavirus measures on Friday 3rd April, The Hon. Scott Morrison MP Prime Minister made an announcement regarding Religious Services.

Following is a direct excerpt from the media release.

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With school holidays about to begin, children have already been home in isolation for some time, and parents are searching for ideas on how to cope when the schoolwork from teachers ends for the term. Read on for plenty of activities to keep boredom away from toddlers to teens.

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Have you heard of "Zoom"? It is a video communication tool that people are using to stay connected in times of isolation. You can see, hear and talk to a friend or family member. Read on to learn how you can stay in touch through Zoom.

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The Australian Government has created a WhatsApp channel for guidance and advice on Coronavirus (Covid- 19) in Australia and released an app from the Department of Health.

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NDIS providers needing help on where to find supports and where assistance is available can read on for important links.

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The Prime Minister has announced measures to try to "flatten the curve" or slow the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 so that State-led health services can remain able to meet demand.

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COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease) is the effect on the human body of SARS-CoV 2, which is a new virus closely related to SARS and in the same family of viruses as MERS. It has not been detected in humans before. It has caused a global pandemic, can cause serious illness and death and is highly contagious. 

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IDEAS have put together a list of links to resources and downloads, to support someone with needs for simple English, Easy English or Easy Read as well as photo symbol downloadable.

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For the vulnerable, immuno-compromised, voluntarily self-isolating, or those in mandatory isolation after overseas travel or close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 we’ve gathered some tips and activities to help you through.

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Australian Department of Health’s National Health Plan for Coronavirus (COVID-19) allows doctors, nurses, midwives and mental health professionals to deliver services via telehealth services as long as those services are bulk billed.