At IDEAS, we know information powers better decisions, to make life easier.

We provide information that is Independent, which means that is free of bias, so people are able to access the information they need to make their own informed life choices. IDEAS stands for Information on Disability, Education and Awareness Services. 

IDEAS is driven by people with disability, for people with disability. Our vision is a world where people with disability live full, independent lives of their own choosing. Our tool is information.

IDEAS is one of Australia’s longest established independent information providers for people with disability. We can provide information that can help in many areas of people’s lives, such as accommodation, employment, transport, respite care, recreation and sport, support groups, independent living, and support for specific types of disability.

We check the information before publishing and distribution. There are no paid listings and no advertisers. There are no conflicts of interest. We are about real choice.

We are committed to being a trusted source that people use to get a gold standard of information. Information that is customised to the person’s access needs, that supports their decision making.

Markers of independent information services are: 

  • They should have no conflicts of interest – they are not influenced by vested interests, and the service provider information is not conflicted by an offer of service from which the information service makes a profit.
  • They should be accurate.
  • They should be timely.
  • They should be relevant.
  • They should be value for money.
  • They should be free to people with disability, their families, carers, and supporters.
  • They should connect to people in a variety of ways, including online, over the phone, mail, in the community, face to face engagements, newsletters, blogs, eNews, and social media. 
  • The data must be maintained. Records must have a process of accession and de-accession.
  • They should be trusted services and known to be on the side of people with disabilities.

At IDEAS, we do information so you can do life.