Image of yellow animated figure in a wheelchair rolling up an incline.

Unlimited presents a short animated film which helps explain the social model of disability.

Man sitting on the grass talking on a mobile phone

The Access for Everyone program was designed to assist people in a low income, or facing financial hardship, maintain telecommunications access.

Cartoon image of a house a bathtub and a money box

A short video on Capital Supports and what they can be used for as a part of your plan.

A short video explaining in-kind and stated supports.

Man sitting talking

Assistive Technology Talk: Wheelchairs, aids and devices' Webinar

Computer screen with the NDIS website displayed

This video is a step-by-step guide of how you can log into the myplace participant portal.

Young lady wearing a police hat

Jessie's big day out with the Melbourne Police.

Lady sitting at a table laughing

Events like this are really important for parents and families and children with disability to look at all of the different options, services and support they might be interested in to discuss those services and supports with the providers of them and look at what will best suit their child for their goals.

Two young women standing on an islands edge with flower necklaces

Prior to the NDIA, there were no disability services on Norfolk Island. So, our aim was to establish some services so that all of the participants who came into the scheme have an opportunity for choice and control in purchasing the services, what they want and where they want that.

Orange APP with a smiley face on it

Moovit combines real-time data from Transport for NSW with live information from the user community. It will give you the fastest route, announce stops along the way and alert you when your stop is approaching.