Real People, Real Listening

Our information services are free, personal and we can tailor them to the place you live, work and play or tell you about some of the other things that could be options for you.

You can ask us anything about stuff that matters to you, that makes you scream, cry or rage.

You can ask us about anything you are looking for, from government entitlements, the NDIS, to travel ideas, equipment and leisure supports, to housing, education and work solutions, to transport, taxi schemes and cultural access, art making practise and sports. You can tell us safely about bad stuff too.

The Boring Bit

IDEAS does a whole lot of back end work to collect the information as a clearinghouse on disability, which our experienced Information and Content Team use to respond to your needs.

We research and verify the information before making it available to you in any way you want or need it. We strive to be accurate and metholdical. Our directory is continually updated and each and every record is reviewed, and all of our bytes are checked annually. We double check stuff on the phone for you. The information we can provide you with is more than just phone numbers and addresses. It is curated especially for you and your needs and location. 

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