As you get older, continuing to be socially active by maintaining and building relationships with friends, family and the community is beneficial to your health, happiness and overall quality of life.

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There are a wealth of opportunities available for Children with Disability to participate in School Holiday activities. IDEAS has put together a list of some options for the Winter 2019 holidays. More information on each activity is in the link, please contact the provider to book sessions directly. If you are having difficulty finding activities in your area,

Dementia rates among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are much higher than non-Indigenous Australians, affecting not just the people with the disease, but also their families and communities.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are at greater risk of heart diseases than other Australians, being admitted into hospitals 60 per cent more and dying at 1.5 times the rate from heart conditions.

Negative feelings and attitudes can be shared by medical staff towards Aboriginal communities and patients due to their lack of cultural experience and understanding, representing the increased need for exposure among medical students and staff to Aboriginal communities and health workers to provide care that is culturally competent.

Hey by donating to IDEAS now, you will help all Australians with disability get the information they need that is accurate, timely and relevant.

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Heading to the Canadian Rockies? Travelling between Banff and Lake Louise in Canada is now more accessible to wheelchairs users. The Lake Louise Express Route has introduced four new coaches to the service. The buses have a curb level ramp, ergonomic spiral entryway, and second door that opens into a unique, low-entry vestibule

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The NSW Government will establish an Ageing and Disability Commissioner from 1 July 2019, to better protect adults with disability and older people from abuse, neglect and exploitation in home and community settings.

The new role will have broad-ranging powers to conduct investigations into allegations of abuse and neglect.

Today I met with some lovely LACS to update them on our new website (VERY EXCITING) and our conversation wandered to service gaps and then onto the role of therapy assistants, which I must admit (que cringe) I had never heard of before. I will preface my ignorance by saying that I am Community Engagement, not one of our very knowledgeable Info Team

As part of the Boosting the Local Care Workforce program, the Department of Social Services has released a range of resources on a new website.

These resources provide support for existing and potential NDIS service providers.