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Schools are set up for students who can see. But around 3,000 school-aged children in Australia have a vision impairment – 300 of these have a severe vision impairment or are blind. These children are generally educated in mainstream schools, sometimes with little support for their needs.

Image of homeless man sitting on a the side of a footpath.

The NDIS system relies on vulnerable people contacting them for help. However, many Australians with psychosocial disability experiencing homelessness are not reaching out to the NDIS, as their daily needs and priorities take precedence over seeking out assistance for their mental needs.

Image of elderly couple looking at a laptop computer inside their home.

Home Care Packages enable elderly people to remain at home for longer while still receiving the necessary care services. However, they can be difficult to understand and navigate.

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Intergenerational playgroups are a fun, safe and educational way for children, parents, caregivers and older Australians to join together through a fun weekly activity to learn and connect through play. 

Boy in wheelchair on beach with two companions

When the NDIS was first rolled-out, there was so much talk about "Choice and Control". One of the recurring questions IDEAS staff are asked about holidays is, "Are holidays funded by the NDIS?”

Image of smiling Aboriginal man sitting on a couch with his leg crossed.

Kidney disease is the leading cause of hospitalisation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The kidneys are a vital part of the body, removing waste from the system and keeping the body healthy and properly functioning.

Image of the word dementia spelled out by wooden blocks with letters on them. The blocks are positioned on a window sill.

Creating a home environment that is safe and promotes independence for someone with dementia can be a challenging task.  However, by understanding how dementia affects someone, the house can be altered accordingly to ensure that the person is able to perform everyday tasks as safely and independently as possible.

Graphic of a person in a wheelchair in front of a ramp a steps

People with disability face barriers to travel every day. IDEAS is here to provide information that supports your travel decision-making, based on your individual needs.

The Community Engagement team have been busy attending Post School Options Expos across the state. At these expos, we meet many worried parents and carers and equally excited students. Not to mention dedicated teachers and Principals!

Image of smiling elderly Aboriginal man sitting outside at a table with a hot drink.

The proper mourning of the loss of a family or community member, called "Sorry Business", is of significant importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. However, some organisations or individuals may exploit the cultural importance associated with Sorry Business for their own financial gain.